In 50 years, will your children have past photos to look at? The answer to this question is largely dependent upon what you do today and how you store and archive your prints and digital images.

Your story is meant to be shared – and now is the perfect time to do it! Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect those photos of your grandparents, your high school prom and that family vacation to the Grand Canyon.

At Livingston Photo and Print, we offer a variety of different scan services and have the ability to scan photos, slides, negatives, artwork, recipes, x-rays and much more! We carefully save your scans to DVD, USB, or cloud share for archiving, viewing and printing.


Print Scanning

Treasured prints and documents are professionally scanned and converted to quality JPG files that are easily stored, shared and printed.

Preparing Prints for Scanning

  • Loose prints only. Remove all prints from albums, envelopes or frames.
  • Sort prints by size and orientation.
  • Remove all tape, staples, paper clips, glue or attachments from prints.
  • Prints must be numbered on the back when scanning in a specific order is requested.

Slide Scanning

Slides from years gone by are digitized into sharp and bright JPG files. Once digitized, the lifespan of your slides is substantially increased and the imagery is permanently protected from environmental damage. You’ll have the ability to enjoy the images on modern devices (no projector needed) and share the files with as many people as you’d like! 35mm slides are the most common format we work with, however we’re always happy to scan more unique formats.

Preparing Slides for Scanning

  • Loose slides only. Remove all slides from carousels, sleeves or envelopes.
  • Arrange all slides facing horizontally (images will appear the direction taken).
  • Stack slides horizontally, emulsion side down (dull side down).
  • Slides may be scanned in order within each specific format only. Slides must be numbered on the slide mounts. Additional charges apply.

Your original slides are provided back to you once the project is complete.


Negative Scanning

Film and negatives are preserved frame-by-frame, resulting in JPG digital files that are ready to store or print.

Preparing Negatives for Scanning

  • Sort and group negatives by the same size and facing up.
  • Negatives may be left in sleeving.
  • Remove all tape, staples, paper clips, glue or attachments.
  • Negatives may be scanned in order within each specific film format only.

Video Tapes & Home Movies

Your home video tape memories will get new life as digital movie files. Those files can be played on TVs, computers, tablets and phones. Plus they can easily be shared with family members or friends.


  • VHS, VHS-C
  • Digital 8, Hi8
  • MicroMV
  • *Check with your local provider regarding uncommon formats.

File delivered in MP4 format (compatible with both Mac & PC)


Cassette Tapes & Recordings

Believe it or not, music and audio tape recordings can be modernized! Think 80’s mix tape! We can convert audio tapes into a digital lossless format. Audio tape conversion is growing in popularity as younger generations embrace all things analog. Not sure what specific media you have? No problem! Our audio preservation experts are standing by ready to assist.


  • Audio cassettes / Cassette tapes
  • Compact cassettes

File delivered in either MWV or MP3


  • DVD/CD
  • Thumb Drive
  • Digital Download

Data Transfers

This service is specifically designed for customers wanting to transfer data from their mobile device or other storage devices, so they can clear the device or create a backup. Files transferred could include image files, video files and PNG files.

Our data transfer service is designed to transfer data from your mobile or other storage devices to a data DVD or high-speed flash drive. By archiving your image and video files, you will be able to clear the storage on your device and have your archived files easily accessible. We sell high-speed, high quality flash drives from 4GB to 64GB. DVDs are also available, however, we strongly recommend flash drives which allow you the ability to reorganize, delete or even add additional files at a later date. You are welcome to bring your own new usb or buy one from us. Service times vary.