Video Services

Video Slideshow

Celebrate a graduation, birthday or an anniversary. Commemorate a loved one's life. We'll help you create a spectacular Video Slideshow to tell your story. Complete with titles, music and image transitions, Video Slideshows are made from digital files. We recommend no less than 50 images for optimum viewing enjoyment, with a max of 300. Turn around time varies but rush jobs are available for funerals.


Digital files must be .jpg files and brought in on one source. If a specific order is needed, files must be named in order starting with 001.


Must be scanned at standard scanning charges to be included in the Video Slideshow. If a specific order is required, prints must be numbered when scanning order is submitted.


Customer supplied music is preferred and must be on CD or MP-3 files. Submit up to 10 minutes of music, typically 2 songs. The lab has a limited selection of copyright free music available. Lab supplied music is determined by a video consultant and is instrumental only.


Text may appear at the beginning and end of the movie but is not required.

Video Slideshow Features
  • Movie DVD with titles, music & transitions
  • Each image will appear for approximately six seconds
  • For optimum viewing enjoyment, max number of images is 200
  • Movie loop for repeated playing unattended
DVD Duplication

Need another copy of your video DVD or Video Slideshow? DVDs can contain a lot of different things - images, files, movies, or productions like a Mini Movie video. This duplication service is for video that you would normally view on your TV. If it doesn’t play in a TV DVD player (not a DVD computer drive), it is not a DVD duplication.

Video Tape to DVD

Video tape is a magnetic storage medium and will degrade over time. So far, there is no reliable method that will predict the life of tapes. We want to help you preserve the memories you have from your home video footage. Let us transfer those tapes to DVD, so that you may enjoy them for years to come.

Note: a Federal Copyright Law protects commercially marketed videotapes. We are unable to duplicate these types of tapes.

Video Formats Accepted

VHS, VHSC, Video 8, Mini DV (Includes PAL) Maximum recording time per DVD is 120 minutes. Editing is not available as part of this service. More than 10 tapes may require additional service time. Request a service time estimate from the lab.